Turning concrete into a climate solution

We harness the power of enhanced weathering to deliver permanent, scalable and verifiable carbon removal and storage

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The world is heating up, fast. We are working to reverse this by turning carbon to rock. Permanent carbon removal, right here, right now

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We offer frontier carbon removal that is permanent, scalable and verifiable.

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Increase soil pH, boost crop vigour, and enhance the impact of your fertiliser.

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Catalysing carbon removal

Removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is vital if we are to avoid the most dire impacts of climate change. Silicate’s process enables rapid removal and permanent storage of carbon. It also offers co-benefits for plants and soils, and can replace ground limestone as a soil pH amendment.



Our process sequesters carbon in the geosphere. By mineralising carbon, as opposed to storing it in trees or soils, Silicate can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it for millennia.



Scientific rigour is at the heart of Silicate’s mission. Ensuring that the carbon removed by our process is additional – i.e., would not have happened anyway – is a key element of our carbon credits. We demonstrate this additionality through our transparent, peer-reviewed, and science-led monitoring, reporting and verification processes.



We are working to permanently remove 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2040. By spreading our material on agricultural soils using widely-available agricultural equipment, Silicate offers an affordable and scalable carbon removal solution.

Silicate's climate solution

Rapid carbon removal and permanent storage

By speeding up a natural geological process, the weathering of silicate and hydroxide minerals, we are removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and storing it over geological timescales.

Our weathering agent is derived from surplus concrete. We take this material and turn it into a carbon removal vehicle by processing it and spreading it on agricultural soils.

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